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10 Foods to Avoid with Porcelain Crowns

If you have chips, cracks, or discoloration on the top of your tooth, you may be a good candidate for porcelain crowns. They look and feel just like your natural teeth, helping to boost your appearance and dental functionality. However, like other types of dental work, crowns require a bit of care so you can keep them intact for many years to come.

10 Foods to Avoid with Porcelain Crowns

One of the best ways to care for your crowns – and the entirety of your dental health – is to be careful of the foods that you eat. Certain substances can do a lot of damage to your porcelain crowns, which might cause the need for painful or expensive repairs. Below, your trusted dentist in La Mesa will highlight the top 10 foods to avoid with porcelain crowns.

Hard Candies

Hard candy might be tempting and delicious, but it is too tough on your sensitive dental crowns. Eating hard candy is akin to opening a bottle with your teeth, which can also do some serious damage. Make sure you aren’t putting extra force into your bite, especially when eating harder substances.


Popcorn might feel soft, but unpopped kernels are sometimes still found in a packet of popcorn. Not to mention, the chewy centers of popcorn kernels can get lodged between your teeth, putting you at risk for infection.


All kinds of nuts, like peanuts, almonds, and walnuts, can be really hard when biting down on them raw. Instead of putting undue pressure on your porcelain crowns, chop up the nuts or grind them into a paste before eating them.

Chewy, Sticky Foods

If you are a fan of caramels, gummy candies, or even steamed buns, you might not like having porcelain crowns. Chewy substances might seem safe for your teeth since they are soft, but excessive chewing can actually pull and, in extreme cases, dislodge your crowns.

Bread and Bagels

Bread and bagels are also chewy substances that might be too hard on your teeth when you are first recovering from a porcelain crown procedure. Crusty bread products will require you to bite down really hard, which can eventually hurt your teeth. Bagels are usually made out of firm, thick types of bread that can be difficult to chew when your teeth are sensitive.

Red Meat

Some meat can be nice and tender, which is okay for you to eat. But many types of red meat, such as steak or jerky, are way too tough for your mouth. You may find it challenging to eat meat products when you have just received porcelain crowns.

Raw Vegetables

Usually, a doctor or a dentist would not tell you to stop eating vegetables. But in their raw form, many vegetables can be very hard to the touch. It will be painful for you to try and bite down on these crunchy vegetables without cooking or steaming them first.

Citrus and Other Acidic Foods

Citric acid is powerful and can break down the enamel on your teeth. Moreover, the acid that comes from citrus and other acidic foods can break down the structure of your crowns. While you don’t need to swear off oranges forever, it is a good idea to cut back on acidic foods if your dental health is suffering.

Heavily Pigmented Foods

Blueberries, tomato sauce, coffee, tea, soda, and chocolate are all foods that have the potential to stain your teeth. Some foods contain pigments that are so powerful that they can come off in your mouth, causing dark spots and discoloration. Your crowns are also susceptible to changing colors due to their porous nature.


It is always best to drink alcohol in moderation, but especially so when you have had dental work done. Like acidic foods, alcoholic beverages can also wear down and erode some of the substances in your mouth, which could ruin both your crowns and your natural teeth.

This list may seem overwhelming, but it will become easy to take care of your porcelain crowns after meeting with your dentist. Soon, your crowns will look and feel like an extension of your real teeth, giving you a boost in your overall oral health. Learn more about the benefits of porcelain crowns when you get in touch with us today!

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