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Best Materials for Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are an effective treatment option for tooth loss. They are prosthetic dental devices used to replace one or more missing teeth. Dental bridges are designed to essentially “bridge” the gap created by the missing teeth. The dental device anchors onto adjacent teeth or dental implants for support to leave your smile looking and functioning like it did before tooth loss. You may wonder, what are the best materials for dental bridges? Below you will find helpful information on dental bridges and why they are right for you.

Best Materials for Dental Bridges

Dental bridges restore the appearance, function, and alignment of your teeth. This is beneficial as it improves the aesthetics of your smile, in addition to aiding in better chewing, digestion, and speaking. There are a number of different materials used for dental bridges, including porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal, ceramic, and metal. The most effective and aesthetically pleasing are porcelain dental bridges which is why they are the top choice for those getting treatment.

Porcelain dental bridges are often considered one of the best materials for dental bridges for several reasons. They provide exceptional aesthetics as they closely resemble the appearance of your natural teeth. In fact, the porcelain material can be color-matched to your surrounding teeth. The results are natural-looking and blend seamlessly together. Additionally, porcelain is highly resistant to stains. This means that you can maintain your beautiful white smile for a very long time. Porcelain dental bridges also offer durability and longevity, making them an effective long-term treatment option. Unlike alternative options, porcelain dental bridges can help you feel like yourself again as many patients report that they feel a boost in self-confidence.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Missing teeth are common as roughly 120 million Americans have at least one missing tooth. Millions of Americans also suffer from complete tooth loss on the top or bottom of their mouth. Dental bridges are effective cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments that provide a number of benefits.

  • Prevents Shifting: The empty space left after missing teeth can cause your teeth to shift. Bridges help maintain the alignment and stability of your surrounding teeth by filling those empty spaces. This is beneficial as shifting can lead to misalignment and issues with your bite. Teeth shifting can also impact your facial structure as it can make you look much older and sunken in. Dental bridges ensure that the underlying bone structure in your face stays the same.
  • Restores Function: Missing teeth can make it difficult to chew and can also impact your digestion. They can also impact the way you talk. In fact, those with missing teeth often smile and talk to others less due to the speech and aesthetic issues. However, dental bridges can restore the function of your teeth by filling the gap caused by the missing tooth.
  • Improved Appearance: Missing teeth can impact your overall appearance and even your self-confidence. Dental bridges are an effective treatment option that can ensure your smile looks great as they seamlessly blend in with the rest of your natural teeth. In fact, patients report an increase in self-confidence due to the results.

Porcelain Dental Bridges

If you have missing teeth and are considering replacement options, the first step is setting up a consultation with a skilled dentist. It is important to consult with a dentist skilled in cosmetic dentistry in La Mesa to determine if dental bridges are the right solution for your specific dental needs. Once it has been determined that you are a good candidate, you can move forward with improving the look of your smile. Contact the team at Smiles of La Mesa today to schedule an appointment!

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