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Does Tooth Extraction Cause Facial Changes?

Tooth extraction is highly common as the vast majority of people require removal at some point in their lifetime. Tooth extraction may be necessary to ensure the integrity of your oral health, or it may be for cosmetic reasons. You may wonder, does tooth extraction cause facial changes? Below you will find helpful information about tooth extraction and how you can ensure your facial structure stays intact.

Does Tooth Extraction Cause Facial Changes?

There are a variety of reasons why you may need to get your tooth extracted. Sometimes it can be an issue related to tooth decay or gum disease that is necessary to protect your surrounding teeth and gums. You may also need to get your teeth removed due to overcrowding, most commonly when your wisdom teeth erupt. Facial changes post-extraction depends on the circumstances around your extraction.


If you need to get your tooth extracted due to overcrowding because your wisdom teeth have erupted, you will not experience facial changes for the long-term. This is because the area of your mouth where your teeth are extracted from is referred to as the “dental alveolus.” This area of your mouth is not directly attached to your basal jawbone which means that facial changes are unlikely to occur. However, you will experience facial changes right after the procedure as you will likely be swollen. This will subside within the first couple of weeks post-extraction so you don’t have to worry about it long-term.

General Extractions:

Extractions outside of wisdom tooth removal can be necessary for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s tooth decay, trauma, or gum disease, this type of extraction is often necessary to protect your overall oral health. With that, facial changes can occur if you do not combine it with tooth replacement. Extraction includes the removal of your roots. So it can cause changes to your facial structure as they are an integral part of it. However, replacing that tooth post-extraction can ensure that facial changes do not occur.

Tooth Extraction and Your Facial Anatomy

The roots of your teeth are an important part of your facial structure. This is because the roots of your teeth extend deep into your jaw, including into your nose and eye sockets. When your tooth is removed, that part of your face has to adjust to the change. This can result in facial changes due to the adjustment post-extraction, including the gradual recession of the bone and gum line where the tooth originally was.

Facial changes look different depending on where the tooth was extracted from. The removal of your upper teeth often results in your face looking more sunken in. The removal of your lower teeth often results in your face looking less symmetrical. It can also exaggerate an underbite. If you need to get your tooth extracted, it’s important to talk to a dentist in La Mesa about your tooth replacement options. This can help ensure that your facial structure does not change.

Tooth Extraction in La Mesa

Tooth extraction is highly common and it is likely that you will need to remove at least one of your teeth at some point throughout your lifetime. Whether it is your wisdom teeth, an infection, or even a trauma, removal may be necessary for your oral health. Tooth extraction in La Mesa is a smooth and pain-free procedure.

Depending on the type of extraction and how many teeth need to be removed, you will receive either local or general anesthesia. This will be discussed in advance so you will be prepared on the day of your extraction. Anesthesia numbs the area, reduces sensitivity, and ensures that you are comfortable during the procedure.

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