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How Much Does a Tooth Extraction Cost?

You may need to have a tooth extracted for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common ones include:

  • A tooth was partially knocked out in an accident and the Smiles of La Mesa dentists need to remove the remainder to make room for a dental restoration.
  • The tooth serves no useful purpose, as in the case of wisdom teeth.
  • You’re about to start orthodontic treatment and need to make room for other teeth to shift.
  • You have extra teeth that are blocking other teeth from erupting normally.
  • You have significant tooth decay or nerve damage that has left the tooth dead.

Regardless of the reason you need a tooth pulled, you’re probably concerned about the cost. “How much does a tooth extraction cost?” is one of the most typical questions we hear at our dental clinic after advising patients of the need for it. As long as the reason isn’t purely cosmetic, dental insurance usually covers some or all of the cost of tooth extractions. However, you may not have insurance or may still be responsible for some of the cost.

How Much to Budget for a Tooth Extraction

As is the case with all medical and dental procedures, the cost for an extraction goes up the more complicated it becomes. For a simple extraction of a permanent adult tooth, the average price ranges from $100 to $250. The range increases to $180 to $400 if your dentist must perform a surgical extraction. According to Your Dentistry Guide, the average cost for extraction of a baby tooth ranges from $90 to $150.

We encourage you to check with your dental insurance provider prior to your appointment since you are responsible to pay any uncovered amount at the time of service. You may have a variety of options to pay your share of expenses, including using a tax-deferred Health Savings Account. Please contact Smiles of La Mesa if you have additional questions about financing or about the tooth extraction procedure itself.

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