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concept of woman with common dental injuries

10 Common Dental Injuries

Dental injuries can be overwhelming and you may not know when to reach out to a dentist. The best rule of thumb is that if you are not sure, contact a dentist for help. It’s better to address the issue right away due to the issues that can arise after a dental emergency. Consider these …

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concept of importance of teeth x-rays

Importance of Teeth X-Rays

Teeth X-rays are often necessary when you go to the dentist. You may need them if you have a dental issue, have been in an accident that impacted your teeth, and they can even be done during your regular dental visit. They are not something you need at each visit, but they are an effective …

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concept of preparing for your dental visit

Preparing for Your Dental Visit

Regular dental visits are an integral part of your oral health. Whether it is a regular checkup or a procedure, it’s important to follow your dentist’s recommendation about caring for your oral health. Consider the following tips before preparing for your dental visit. Preparing for Your Dental Visit The following tips can help you prepare …

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concept of signs it is time to try invisalign

Signs It Is Time to Try Invisalign

Having a straight smile is something everyone wants. Feeling confident about your smile can result in professional and personal benefits. It can also improve your oral health as straight teeth reduce your risk for tooth decay and other oral health issues. Invisalign can effectively treat these issues. Below you will find the top signs it …

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concept of tooth extraction for facial change

Does Tooth Extraction Cause Facial Changes?

Tooth extraction is highly common as the vast majority of people require removal at some point in their lifetime. Tooth extraction may be necessary to ensure the integrity of your oral health, or it may be for cosmetic reasons. You may wonder, does tooth extraction cause facial changes? Below you will find helpful information about …

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concept image of dangers of tooth infection

Dangers of a Tooth Infection

Despite the advancements in dental care, tooth infections still impact a number of people. An infection, also referred to as an abscess, results in a pocket of on or near your tooth. This is caused by a bacterial infection which results in swelling, irritation, and inflammation. An untreated tooth infection can cause a number of …

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concept image of woman with gum disease paper in front of face

Common Causes of Gum Disease

Gum disease is a serious dental issue that can impact your oral and overall health. The condition impacts nearly 50% of Americans over the age of 30 at some point in their lifetime. Roughly half of those who have advanced gum disease are at risk of losing their teeth. Gum disease is preventable so it’s …

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concept image man caring for dental inlays

Caring for Dental Inlays

Dental inlays are an effective treatment option for damaged teeth. They can be used to restore teeth with excessive decay or damage as they are larger than a dental filling, but smaller than a crown. They can be made up from a variety of materials, including porcelain and composite resin. Let’s look at tips for …

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man with teeth whitening or veneers

Teeth Whitening vs Veneers: Which Should I Choose?

Upgrading the look of your smile can transform your appearance. It can also have beneficial effects on your personal and professional life. If you are looking to transform the look of your smile, there are a variety of treatment options. Finding the right one for you depends on what your expectations are. It may be …

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main image for article about replacing dental veneers

Can I Replace Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are a popular cosmetic dental treatment. They offer a variety of benefits and the results last. Veneers upgrade your smile with natural-looking results. You may wonder, can I replace dental veneers? Below you will find helpful information about dental veneers and the best way to ensure their longevity. The Longevity of Dental Veneers …

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