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Preparing for Your Dental Visit

Regular dental visits are an integral part of your oral health. Whether it is a regular checkup or a procedure, it’s important to follow your dentist’s recommendation about caring for your oral health. Consider the following tips before preparing for your dental visit.

Preparing for Your Dental Visit

The following tips can help you prepare for your next appointment.

Confirm Your Appointment:

Generally, the dentist will reach out to you via phone, e-mail, or text to confirm your appointment. Be sure to respond to this as it often has additional information you need to provide. Many dental offices have Covid protocol questionnaires or you may need to fill out some health information in advance. This can make your check-in process faster as you won’t have to fill out any forms (or at least not as many) on the day of your appointment. This is helpful as it can get you in and out of the office much faster.

Let Your Dentist Know About Your Dental Anxiety:

If you have any dental anxiety or fear, let the receptionist know before your appointment (if possible). If you can’t, let them know on the day of your appointment. Dentists are equipped to handle patient anxieties and if they know you have any fears they can work around them as best as possible.

Transfer Dental Records:

If you are visiting a new dentist, it can be really helpful to transfer your dental records from your old dentist to your new one. Having your comprehensive dental history (or at least a few years’ worth) can be really beneficial for your oral health. It allows your dentist to get a better picture of your overall oral health to provide you with the most comprehensive care. However, if you do not have access to this information, it’s not a major issue. Move forward with your appointment and continue your regular dental visits.

Bring Your Insurance and Payment:

If you are using dental insurance, bring your insurance information. If you have a health savings account (“HSA”) or flexible spending account (“FSA”) that you would like to use to cover costs not covered by your dental insurance, bring that as well.

Share Your Health Information:

You will need to fill out preliminary information about your oral health before you go into your appointment. Provide your dentist in La Mesa with as much information as possible as it will help them get a better idea about your oral and overall health. Include all of your current medications and dosages as it is important for them to know what you are currently taking.

Avoid Caffeine Before Your Appointment:

If you can avoid caffeine before your appointment it can help you avoid some of the nervous jitters. Too much caffeine can also make it harder for the dentist to work on your teeth. Opt for an early morning appointment so you can grab your coffee afterward if necessary.

Note Your Questions or Concerns:

If you have any questions for the dentist or concerns about your mental health, write them down in advance so you don’t forget them. There is no stupid question when it comes to your oral health, so feel free to ask your dentist anything about your oral health. Common questions include details about how to care for your oral health, what products to use, and how often you should be visiting the dentist.

Bring Your Oral Appliances:

Either let your dentist know what products you use, or bring them to the office. This can help your dentist understand the status of your current oral health and provide you with any feedback on your current products.

Schedule Your Next Appointment

People often get busy and the last thing on their mind is scheduling their next dental appointment. Due to the importance of regular dental exams in La Mesa, it’s important to visit the dentist at least every six months. Avoid skipping the dentist by scheduling your next appointment before you leave your current one.

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