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Should I be afraid of Root Canal Therapy?

At the very mention of “root canal treatment“, people start to get the heebie-jeebies. Although most of them are unaware of the reality of root canal dentistry. People break out in a cold sweat hearing of it as the only thing they can recall is pain with the treatment. However, the treatment, when done correctly actually relieves you of the pain. 

What is a root canal?

Root canal therapy is a dental treatment performed to clean the inside of a tooth when the tooth pulp becomes infected or inflamed. The reason behind happening so could be:

  • Teeth abscess.
  • Severe tooth decay.
  • Dental trauma.
  • Cracked tooth.
  • Requirement of a crown.

What symptoms indicate that you need a root canal?

  • Severe toothache.
  • Extreme teeth sensitivity to temperature.
  • Swelling and soreness.
  • Discolorations in the infected teeth.

If you feel any of the above symptoms, visit the dentist as soon as possible.

What are the steps to a root canal procedure?

  1. The procedure starts with conducting an x-ray to determine the extent of the infection.
  2. Local anesthesia is given to keep the patient at bay during the process.
  3. The dentist will create an opening in the tooth, allowing them to clean the inside of the tooth. Infection is removed and the root canal is cleaned and disinfected. 
  4. Space is then filled after the cleaning, to prevent reinfection.
  5. Finally, a crown is used to finish the restoration. 

Should I be scared of the treatment?

The treatment is nothing to be scared of as it relieves you from the pain. Regarding the procedure, you are given local anesthesia, which makes you feel comfortable during the treatment and experience no pain. 

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