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Fix chipped, cracked, decaying, or cavity-filled teeth

Composite fillings help restore your damaged teeth to its former health. During this treatment, your dentist will first clean the tooth surface infected by bacteria. The infected tissues will be removed and the tooth drilled using different sizes of carbide burs, after which an appropriate filling material is applied to cover and seal it.

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The traditional way uses silver amalgam fillings to fill cavities, but now for a more aesthetic approach and to prevent mercury poisoning, composite fillings is the preference. Another aesthetic option would be to make use of ceramic indirect fillings fabricated on a model cast, outside the mouth and cemented onto the cleansed cavity.

Tooth Fillings in La Mesa

It is important that you discuss your preferences and issues with your dentist. The complete assessment will determine, whether or not your specific tooth condition is best addressed with a composite filling or another restorative treatment. Consulting with your dentist can also enhance the decision made by what is beneficial for restoring your teeth.

Composite fillings can last many years if post-treatment care instructions are observed.

Composite Fillings Process

Teeth fillings can be processed in just one appointment. After the area is completely clean and prepared, your dentist will apply the composite filling, shape and polish it to have it feeling like your original undamaged tooth.

It is completely normal for patients to feel some sensitivity after the restorative tooth filling has been placed. You should not worry because your tooth should acclimate over time once you continue your oral hygiene and eating routine.

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