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Have your teeth cleaned regularly by friendly and professional dentists in our office.

With regular cleanings and exams you’ll be completely confident that you have healthy gums and teeth all the time.

Maintaining the health of your teeth and gums mean you’ll enjoy having a beautiful set of teeth to go with your dazzling smiles. You can mingle with your friends, present to your boss at the office, or just spend time with the family knowing you have fresh breath because of your healthy gums.

Dental Cleaning
Dental X-Ray

Keep in mind that with regular cleanings you’ll be able to prevent any developing dental problems like gum disease and stained teeth. Your dentist will be able to detect these dental issues and help you maintain a complete set of teeth that are strong and beautiful.

The Cleaning Process

During teeth cleanings your hygienist or dentist will give you a dental exam to detect and issues. Your teeth and gums will be checked for infection or inflammation to determine if it’s fine to proceed with the cleaning.

Plaque and tartar will be removed using a scaler. The more tartar you have the more your dentist will need to scrape your teeth to thoroughly clean them.

Keep in mind that tartar is cause by hardened plaque, which in turn develops because of lack of brushing and flossing. So if this part of the cleaning treatment is the least of your favorite, then just brush and floss more often so there will be less tartar for your dentist to clean.

When your teeth are free of tartar, your teeth will be brushed with a high-powered electric brush to further clean and polish your teeth. After the professional brushing, your teeth will then be flossed to remove any leftover plaque or toothpaste from the cleaning process.

Next your mouth will be rinsed and then applied with fluoride treatment to add protection to your teeth.

Happy Clients

I recently had an exam and cleaning of my teeth and all the staff were so welcoming and friendly. They made me feel at ease with the procedures and talked me through everything. I would highly recommend this dental office.

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