Popular Choice of Treatment for Lost/Missing Teeth

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Dental implants is just one of the treatments that can restore the beauty smile and proper function of your teeth. Other restorative dental treatments are dentures, dental crowns, and dental bridges.

The most recommended restorative treatment for lost teeth are dental implants because they last a lifetime and are permanent working fixtures.

Know more about dental implants

A dental implant has a titanium component that fuses with part of the jawbone. This titanium component connects to the abutment, the part that allows a crown to be placed on top to achieve a natural tooth appearance. This fusion is called osseointegration and this dental technology requires time for the implant to settle within the bone structure. After this, a follow-up installation of the restorative crowns will be needed.

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The quality of our smile can degenerate and decline over the years. And because our teeth serves a very important aesthetic function, cosmetic dentistry is now seen as a valuable aspect of modern dental practice.

Cosmetic treatments like dental implants is best recommended for patients with broken or missing teeth, or even for those with less severe concerns like  discolorations, chips, and minor malpositions or rotations.

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