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Restore the Natural Function of Your Teeth

Dentures replace teeth you have lost and restores the natural function of your teeth like biting and chewing. Two types of dentures are complete dentures and partial dentures.

Complete dentures covers either your entire upper jaw or your lower jaw. This type is recommended for people who have already lost their entire set of teeth.

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Partial dentures or partials are used to replace only one or a few teeth that are lost.

Throughout all the modern advances of dental technology, dentures are now more natural looking, more stable, and more comfortable for wearers. It’s completely natural for first-time denture wearers to feel strange  during the first few weeks but patients will completely adjust and feel the difference of having a complete set of teeth.

Dentures La Mesa, CA

Dentists like to see the patient every few weeks to see how the fit is. Dentures are always custom made so that patients will feel comfortable. The dentures should fit snugly in the mouth cavity and well supported by surrounding soft and hard tissues.

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