Highly-Accurate, Fast, And Comfortable Digital X-Rays in La Mesa, Ca

Digital X-Ray or digital radiography is the most efficient and up to date way to take your dental  X-rays. Digital  X-ray can be taken inside and outside the mouth, for the most effective use of determining a prognosis when visiting your dentist. Instead of film, the x-ray now utilizes electronic sensors to take an image for an almost immediate preview.

Can digital X-rays be harmful?

digital x-raysWe get exposed to natural radiations every day. Digital X-rays generate a considerably lesser intensity of radiation compared to conventional dental x-rays. Digital X-rays are actually healthier, more secure and more comfortable for the patient. Moreover, they can be produced in no time. So your time spent in the dental office is also reduced. In fact, digital X-rays are absolutely eco-friendly as there are no toxic wastes released into the environment, unlike the conventional X-rays that require developing or fixing solutions which are discarded after use.
In spite of the digital  X-rays being significantly safe, dentists do take the basic safety precautions for the patient to reduce the radiation exposure. These precautions comprise of-

  • Taking x-rays only when required
  • Wearing lead apron guards for added protection.

Digital X-Rays La Mesa, CA

Dentists now utilize these X-rays to not only make you safe by exposing less radiation but to make your visit more efficient. Your La Mesa dentist, Dr. Prasad Gonavarum uses digital X-rays in order to analyze the image immediately and more effectively. This higher technology of digital X-ray aids most dentists by providing a higher quality and digitized image to aid in treating your teeth with a more precise care.

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