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Different Types of Family Dentist

Thorough oral hygiene and taking care of one’s tooth health is the responsibility of general and family dentists.

There are different kinds of family dentists out there one can choose from.. General dentists are for adults while family dentists handle with patients from different age groups.

At Smiles of La Mesa, Dr. Prasad Gonavarum offers different varieties of dental services for your family members. It’s not easy to look for a dentist that can cater the dental needs of toddlers, children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly and disabled. With a greater amount of people getting affected by oral diseases, Dr. Prasad Gonavarum understands that every patient is a distinctive type of individual who deserves the utmost care a good family dentist can offer.

Here’s what we can do for you to have the best smile you’ve ever dreamed of:

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures: Patients who are primarily concerned with the aesthetic appearance of their smile often receive this type of treatment.

Special Dental Treatments: Smiles of La Mesa also offers oral surgery, dentures, implants, orthodontic treatments, dental crowns, and other types of services. During the check-up, Dr. Prasad Gonavarum finds out the reason why the patient suffers from a pain or other symptoms.

Preventive Treatments: Keeping your family’s teeth healthy and clean is the primary goal of preventive care. This type of treatments help ward off oral diseases, tooth decay, tooth loss, infections and other dental problems. Dr. Prasad Gonavaarum makes use of the dental x-rays and other dental technologies available to examine the current oral health status and suggests ways to diagnose these problems.

Our dentist will take care of your kids’ oral hygiene.

Dr. Prasad Gonavarum uses child-friendly techniques to help children be at ease right at the moment the child sits on the dental chair. He avoids reprimanding or using inappropriate words which might startle them. Instead, he shows young dental patients how to attain a great oral health by giving them simple and fun tips that they could do at home. This is why Dr. Prasad Gonavarum is a recommended dentist for kids.

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