Keep Your Gums Healthy

Periodontal disease treatment is recommended for patients who’ve neglected their gums and have bleeding or receding gums. Periodontal disease is usually not a concern for most people because they think that they are only supposed to care for their teeth.

But the health of your gums is very important to preserve the health of your teeth. The periodontium in particular should be given attention. The periodontium is the structures in the mouth that support the teeth and the gums, the periodontal ligaments, the cementum, and the alveolar bone. These structures have to remain healthy because they provide stability for your teeth within the jaw bone.

Periodontal Disease La Mesa

Patients who have gum disease are usually not aware that they already have the symptoms. This is one of the reasons why a regular checkup and cleaning is recommended by dentists. When your mouth is checked regularly by a dental professional early signs of disease can be detectedperiodontal disease la mesa and addressed.

The least severe periodontal diseases can be treated with deep cleaning and scaling, and extensive root planning procedures. In more severe cases of periodontal disease, gum and bone grafting procedures may be necessary but only if these can guarantee success.

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