Repair damaged teeth with quality dental crowns

dental crowns la mesa

Porcelain dental crowns covers the damaged tooth. They are used to improve the function and appearance of teeth and prescribed for various reasons.

Dental crowns are recommended by dentists if a tooth can no longer be restored by traditional means like fillings from a fracture, damage or tooth decay. Crowns are also recommended for patients with discolored and stained teeth, slight misalignments and malformations.

Dental Crowns La Mesa

Starting the dental crowns process would be preparing the tooth or teeth to be restored. The tooth will be drilled and reduced on all surfaces then an impression will be taken so that a dental cast or mould can be produced and sent to the dental laboratory.

The finished crown will then be cemented to the tooth and covers it completely just above the gum line. Once the crown or crowns are cemented you will immediately see an improvement with your smile.

Dental crowns can be used for cosmetic or necessity reasons. Porcelain is the most common material used for crowns but patients also have the option other options like highly aesthetic but less durable ceramic crowns, or the more durable stainless steel or gold metal crowns.

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