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When a tooth becomes attacked by bacteria, it can affect the hard tissue of the teeth and eat it away. Normally, a simple restorative filling should be enough to resolve this issue, but when the infection has gone beyond what traditional fillings are able to address, a root canal should be appropriate. Root canal procedures are dental treatments that save decayed teeth before becoming infected. In order to properly ensure that the tooth is saved, so that the tooth does not have to be pulled out, the cavity of the nerve and the pulp is cleaned out and sealed.

Root CanalA root canal treatment procedure involves the removal or extirpation of the infected pulp tissue with the use of a series of files. The canal is shaped and cleaned by sequential filing and then it is filled by a biomaterial called gutta-percha. Because the tooth’s nerve is not vital for teeth function, the procedure is recommended for anyone who is in danger of infection. The nerve is for sensory reasons only, and will not affect the regular functioning of the tooth. This procedure will help you save your teeth and with proper care, you can maintain that tooth in your mouth.


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