Avoid Further Pain from Impacted Teeth

Tooth Extraction

Wisdom tooth extraction is a dental procedure recommended to remove and pull out a patient’s wisdom tooth or third molar. Wisdom teeth usually erupt between the age of 17-25 yrs. old during late teens or early youth.

A wisdom too has no real function, it only pushes other teeth to the front which cause malocclusion, gum disease, and pain. Because of the dental professional advise to remove wisdom teeth as soon as they erupt to prevent dental problems in the later years. Wisdom teeth are also prone to dental diseases since it’s located at the back of the mouth wherein food particles may get stuck, and toothbrushes can hardly reach to clean.

There are patients who have their wisdom tooth only partially erupt, another case where wisdom tooth removal is recommended. There also patients who have their wisdom teeth emerge horizontal rather than vertically, to avoid further complications for this type of case, a wisdom tooth extraction is best.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction La Mesa, CA

Wisdom tooth extraction is a procedure that needs precision and care. Our La Mesa dentists are trusted and reliable so you can be sure to have a comfortable and efficient dental service in our office. Our dentists are very capable to extract wisdom teeth with high precision and can control of complications if there is any.

You must have faith in your dentist for a successful wisdom tooth extraction. Without having trust and faith on your chosen dentist, you may just feel insecure and discontent in the long run. So choose a trusted and reputable dentist that you can give full support while he/she is extracting your wisdom tooth. Knowing you are under the expert care of a trusted dental professional won’t make you feel nervous during sensitive procedures like a wisdom tooth extraction.

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